Conferences for Spring 2018

I’ve gotten a little behind on my goals for this blog recently. I have several upcoming conference appearances that I am preparing for that are absorbing a bunch of my time.

In trying to keep with the spirit of posting at least once a week, I am announcing my future appearances so if you want to say hi you have the opportunity to do so and I get to keep my streak alive!

NVIDIA GPU Tech Conference (GTC): March 26-29

First up I have GTC in San Jose. I am leaving for this on Sunday.

GTC is the first conference I have attended in a while where I am simply an attendee. I don’t think I have been a conference attendee since 2013. I have always either volunteered to work the conference or spoken.

GTC is focused on cutting edge GPU technologies including VR, autonomous driving, and deep learning. There are like 600 sessions and various labs, both self directed and instructor led.

I am trying to branch out beyond just iOS programming conferences. I started that last year with GDC (the game developer conference.) This is the first GPU programming conference I will have attended. I am deeply interested in seeing all the use cases for GPU programming to get a better idea about how to channel my energies in this field. Right now I feel rather overwhelmed by what is out there and I am eager to see what possibilities exist in this space.

RWDevCon: April 5-7

Up next I have RWDevCon. I last spoke at RWDevCon in 2016, but I came as an inspirational speaker. This year I am tackling a much harder task. I will be leading a 90-minute guided tutorial on how to integrate Metal shaders into SceneKit code so that you’re not responsible for setting up the entire rendering pipeline.

I will also be recording a live podcast with my cohost on the Ray Wenderlich podcast, Dru Freeman. It’s going to be a hectic, busy conference, but if you’re a fan of the work the Ray Wenderlich team does, this is an invaluable opportunity to meet the team in real life.

UIKonf: May 13-16

UIKonf is my first European conference of the year. It’s also my first international conference in a country where English is not the native language. (I was privileged to speak at two conferences in the UK last year.)

I have not yet determined what I will be speaking about, so I can’t give a lot of details on this. Planning for RWDevCon is occupying most of my available free time and energy.

WWDC? Nope!

I delayed this blog post until after I had determined if I had won a ticket to WWDC. I did not win the lottery this year, which leaves my record and 0:3. I am trying not to be too disappointed or be upset in a few months when everyone is tweeting about the amazing time they are having. But I promise nothing!


As much as I enjoy going to conferences and seeing my friends, it’s really put a pin in the work I would like to be doing right now. I can’t finish my game because I have slides and presentations to finish. I am feeling incredibly listless and upset because I feel I am not accomplishing anything and it bothers me tremendously. I am hoping after I get these two conferences out of the way I can get back to doing things that make me happy and productive.

Looking forward to seeing friends old and new over the next few weeks!